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Which is the best blinding for my scrapbook album - basics

When you going to make a scrapbook album first you need to select the kind of structure, I know everybody knows it, but not that all! that's the reason I'm going to share the kind of structure that you need (the photos in the plications there are not mine, but you can find more information below in the photo). Accordion , This structure is very simple only you need to attach one page in the front cover and the last to de back cover, the pages are folded like zigzag but when do I use? normally use for a simple album, only photos, and any structure. Credits Tea on the Moon Stack the Deck , For this blinding you need to stack the structure in U shapes, you start from the center and add more pages in pairs, you stack another base with at least 1/2in. of each other. This blinding is not too strong and you need to paste each page to the cardstock to each side of the U shape as you can see in the photo from Laura Denison Design Credits Laura Denison Design Spine

Beautiful details card

Watercolor pencils
Hello, thank you for coming back to my blog, today I want to share the last card for my level 2 of Altenew Educator Certification Program. This time I made a simple one layer card, to express the meaning of the beautiful details, because not always you need to put a lot of layers to your card, only need to express yourself, embellishment with some features like painting the flower stamp, instead of layering.

Let's start with the materials, this time I used from Altenew Beautiful Heart stamp set since I made a no-line pencil watercolor I used Altenew Crisp dye ink, in pink Puffy Heart, green Forest glades, and Jet black, artistic paper for watercolor and Faber-Castell 48 Goldfaber Aqua watercolor pencils, Nuvo Crystal drops Ivory Seashell and washi tape.
Watercolor pencils

This card is very simple; you need to stamp the flower, and then use a Post-it or a repositionable sticker to make a mask and then stamp the leaf in both sides of the flower.

For the coloring, I used from Faber-Castell 48 Goldfaber Aqua watercolor pencils the pinks #119, 134 and for the greens #167 and 170. You need to color since the center to the outside of the flower always leaving the top of the petal in white because when you apply the water to activate the color you drag the color to the top part.  Be careful these watercolor pencils don't need too much water; I recommend you to use a water brush, is more comfortable to work.
Watercolor pencils Watercolor pencils

Leave it dry and then pass your pencil again to draw new lines and define the petals, if you think that the stroke is too bold you always pass your brush to soften again.
I ensemble my card put it one line of washi tape in the left side and cut my painting slightly smaller than the card base to let see the washi tape of the left.  I put some extra details, with Crystal drops from Nuvo.
Watercolor pencils

thank you for stopping by in my blog. Until the next time.

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