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Which is the best blinding for my scrapbook album - basics

When you going to make a scrapbook album first you need to select the kind of structure, I know everybody knows it, but not that all! that's the reason I'm going to share the kind of structure that you need (the photos in the plications there are not mine, but you can find more information below in the photo). Accordion , This structure is very simple only you need to attach one page in the front cover and the last to de back cover, the pages are folded like zigzag but when do I use? normally use for a simple album, only photos, and any structure. Credits Tea on the Moon Stack the Deck , For this blinding you need to stack the structure in U shapes, you start from the center and add more pages in pairs, you stack another base with at least 1/2in. of each other. This blinding is not too strong and you need to paste each page to the cardstock to each side of the U shape as you can see in the photo from Laura Denison Design Credits Laura Denison Design Spine
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Happy Friday! Today my class from Altenew Academy was how to do Masking.
I prepare my card including a lot of new elements besides the masking, layering stamp, and shading with Copic.

I start selecting my challenge for today MASKING al the times I have one mistake, but this time I did it! I select the set from Altenew "Indoor Garden" to do the layering stamping, and positioned all the components for my card, and select the Altenew Die Inks for today.

For Masking, you need to stamp first the things that you want to be in front of the scene, 

then put the first layer of the mask in order to stamp the second "level," and  continue stamping the rest of the scene  

I like to go further with the layering stamp and add some shadows to give movement and deeper. I pint with Copics the shadows C1, C3, C7 for the leaf G21, BV0000, BV00.

Finally, I add the sentiment; this one is from the set "Printer greetings," and to have a bold look I add a frame, from the "Fine frames rectangle die." Put some Glossy accent to the pots to looks like ceramic. One side with Glitter Tape.


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