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Which is the best blinding for my scrapbook album - basics

When you going to make a scrapbook album first you need to select the kind of structure, I know everybody knows it, but not that all! that's the reason I'm going to share the kind of structure that you need (the photos in the plications there are not mine, but you can find more information below in the photo).

This structure is very simple only you need to attach one page in the front cover and the last to de back cover, the pages are folded like zigzag but when do I use? normally use for a simple album, only photos, and any structure.

Stack the Deck,
For this blinding you need to stack the structure in U shapes, you start from the center and add more pages in pairs, you stack another base with at least 1/2in. of each other. This blinding is not too strong and you need to paste each page to the cardstock to each side of the U shape as you can see in the photo from Laura Denison Design

Spine Blinding, This is the most common, blinding and is strong, to hold several page…

Beyond background

cardmakingmxHello again! Today I want to write about a different background that you can do for your cards, this time I make one for my class of Altenew Academy, this is the 5th class and is five more to finish my 2nd level, Yay!      

Let's start! With the tools for this card, I used from Altenew the "Fantasy Floral Die" to make the flowers, Vellum, "Fine frames Circle die,"  the stencil "Splatter Stencil"  Nuvo Mousse "Mother pearl,"  white and pink cardstock from Simon Says Stamp.

I applied a substantial amount of mousse to the stencil to fill in the cavities and then let dry. I prefer to let it dry all night to be sure that I will not have problems later.


With the larger die-cut of the flower, I use my Gemini Junior to die-cutting in different parts of the background.  


Here is the complicated part, if you want to put some leaf simulate is under the flower you need to cut after the flower, and then you use the die-cut of the flower again to cut it the outline of the flower.   


You can see in the photos the result, now you forming the first die- cutting layer.


Now you need to adhere the already die-cutting to cardstock and then start to add the first layer of the flowers and then the second and third one, and you have a beautiful background.



Finally, I die-cutting with the "fine frame circle" in the pink cardstock before I passed through my Xyron Create a sticker to have already adhesive in this delicate circle, I took two of them the largest one and added to the vellum, then I cut with scissors the circle.

For the sentiment, hello I die-cutting tree times in the same color as the flower to give a shadow look.


MY ADVISE: When I use a little, delicate, or multiple parts of the work  I usually use the Xyron Create a Sticker, this way you have ready-to-use all these intricate die cuts. Always clean the rest of the adhesive with an adhesive rubber.


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