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Which is the best blinding for my scrapbook album - basics

When you going to make a scrapbook album first you need to select the kind of structure, I know everybody knows it, but not that all! that's the reason I'm going to share the kind of structure that you need (the photos in the plications there are not mine, but you can find more information below in the photo). Accordion , This structure is very simple only you need to attach one page in the front cover and the last to de back cover, the pages are folded like zigzag but when do I use? normally use for a simple album, only photos, and any structure. Credits Tea on the Moon Stack the Deck , For this blinding you need to stack the structure in U shapes, you start from the center and add more pages in pairs, you stack another base with at least 1/2in. of each other. This blinding is not too strong and you need to paste each page to the cardstock to each side of the U shape as you can see in the photo from Laura Denison Design Credits Laura Denison Design Spine

Beauty comes in all shapes

Happy Monday! Today I took the class Creative Watercolor from Altenew Academy. I enjoy every detail of this card that I'm going to share with you. 

First, I start choosing my background, this time I used "Pattern Play - Hexagon" I love the sentiment in this stamp. For the card, I used the Distress Watercolor Cardstock 41/2 x 51/2,  and stamp the background with Versamark watermark. And add some clear embossing powder.


With this beautiful pattern, I used two colors from Altenew Crisp Dye Ink in color Honey Drizzle and Autumn Blaze, I put some ink in my Non-Stick Mat from Tim Holtz and add some water to make the technique wet on wet, combining the two colors.

For the embellishment, I used the  Garden Treasure set, stamped in distress watercolor cardstock to make a no-line watercolor technique, using the Red Sunset combo from Altenew Crisp Dye Ink. 


When I use small stamps I prefer to use my Altenew diecut machine, is very useful because you don't need a lot of space to die cutting, but if I want to cut my card or more significant cuts, I use my Gemini Junior. 


To assemble the card, you need to start from the bottom and go up to give dimension.

For the sentiment, I usually stamp twice and in a different color, to find the best for my card.  


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